Whether you operate a retail business or one of the many other kinds of businesses, the holiday season is a good time to try some special holiday marketing ideas. 

Get your space decorated for the season. You need to deck up all your offline and online spaces as well.  Simply because all these customers whom you are trying to allure through various marketing gimmicks, should get a holiday feel as well when they enter your stores. You’re marketing messages; including your online marketing messages, such as emails should have the holiday look and feel. 

Even if you are a small business, offering a free sample of your product, increases the chances of your product getting tested, and, in turn, making it way to the curated list of influencer favorites. Giving away free samples is always a good marketing tactic and that’s especially true during the holidays when people are already in the spirit of giving. 

Since the holidays are a time of giving, people are more inclined to make charitable donations. You could take advantage of this tendency by adding a charitable element to your discount offers. Tell people that a big portion of your holiday sales will be used for funding hunger programs, orphan programs and things like that. This will let you do business while still being able to help those in need during this time of giving. 

This is also a good time to show your appreciation for your loyal customers. Make your loyal customers feel appreciated by offering them exclusive deals or other specials. Even offers such as “Free Holiday Shipping” or a “special coupon code” or even discounts on future purchases would up their goodwill quotient toward you.  Don’t forget: Offer better deals than your competitors. 

Make this holiday season a great one by getting your business in the spirit.