Each year around the holidays, the Mission Inn located in downtown Riverside California puts on its annual Christmas Festival of Lights for all to enjoy.  

This year the Mission inn set to kick off the holiday season on November 23, 2018 with the 26th annual Festival of Lights celebration.  

The six-week long holiday extravaganza features one of the nations largest holiday light collections. For the festival, the picturesque and beautiful Mission Inn is bathed in 4.5 million twinkly lights and more than 400 animated figures.  

So grand, and so well-known, and so eye-mazing is this event that people come from all over Southern California, and beyond, to see it, even if they’re not staying at the Mission Inn for the night. 

The display has gained national recognition with USA Today having gone as far as to title it, “Best Public Light Display in the Nation”. This is part of the reason people come from not only California but from all over the world each year.  

Tourists and visitors to the downtown area of Riverside can expect a festive atmosphere during the holiday season with the Mission Inn being the centerpiece if the attractions. During the evening hours one can take a leisurely stroll on Mission Inn Avenue where there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues to explore. The Riverside Public Library, Riverside Municipal Auditorium, and Chinese Pavilion are all within walking distance. For those seeking a night of good drinks and fun there’s the ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen nearby where visitors can enjoy top shelf drinks and choose from a gourmet menu. 

Downtown Riverside California is a wonderful place to spend a holiday evening and it’s getting more popular every year. Why not check it out this year, there are plenty of hotels nearby including the Mission Inn itself. Make your reservations soon and take a trip to see the lights.