Very few things are sure in life and change is one of them. There is very little anyone can do about change and often the best thing to do is work with the changes the best that you can. In today’s workplace changes occur quite frequently. Here are some workplace trends that will be taking hold more in the coming months. 

Most people still go someplace to work. Though working from home is an option for some, there are still many traditionalists who believe that the office is the only setting that enables effective face-to-face interaction and collaboration. But the evidence is suggesting the opposite. In a recent Stanford study, the data showed that there was a remarkable productivity boost among telecommuters in a test group equivalent to a full day’s work. Such results are more the rule than the exception to it, which is why many small businesses are not only allowing remote work scenarios but encouraging them. Expect the work from home trend to increase in the coming years. 

By now pretty much everyone is aware of the advancements being made in artificial intelligence (AI). In the coming years we can expect much greater use of the technology in all sizes of businesses. At its core, AI is about automating the process of engaging with potential and existing customers in a seemingly personalized and caring way. This is very attractive to small businesses because the ability to automate manually intensive processes and appear just as professional to customers as larger organizations means AI can level the competitive playing field. Expect small businesses to increase their use of AI products in the coming years. 

Hiring is becoming more difficult and can be particularly challenging for small businesses because they must be able to attract workers who are likely considering the higher salaries and richer benefits offered by larger organizations. In the coming months, small businesses will have to find ways to compete for talent, such as offering creative benefits, flexible work arrangements and a genuine commitment to employee work-life balance.