The Hispanic market in the United States has become a force that can no longer be ignored. Businesses of all sizes are quickly becoming aware of this and must adjust in order to take advantage of this vast market. Those businesses who do not recognize the potential are doomed to failure in the future.  

Successful companies will make the effort to know their Hispanic customers. If the upcoming consumer growth will be multicultural, and in particular Hispanics there is no sure way for any business to project revenue growth. Qualitative and quantitative researches are the wisest investments any company can make if they are to know who their customers are and whether their needs are being fulfilled.  

The time to begin a marketing strategy that targets the Hispanic market is now. Things are moving quickly, and we are already beginning to see these marketing campaigns on TV and online. There will always be excuses but excuses waste time and those companies who are late to the party will lose out on a prime opportunity.  

It is much more a matter of culture rather than language when it comes to marketing to Hispanic consumers. The growth of the Hispanic market will come from those born in the USA, bilingual, bi-culture, higher household income, higher level of education. Many corporations believe that reaching the Hispanic market is best achieved through marketing to the traditional Spanish-speaking consumers by using partnerships with Hispanic networks running translated messages or scripts into Spanish. While this may be reaching a certain segment, it is not normally inclusive of the millennial Hispanic population. Cultural relevancy is key to engaging with Hispanics. It is not about language, it is about culture and how well you understand it. 

If your company really wants to be successful with Hispanic consumers, the best investment you can make is in education. Learn who they are, get exposed to their culture and how they interact with your brand.