Aside from owning your own home, many people consider having their own business as part of the American dream. Having your own business takes a lot of hard work but it also gives you the freedom you can’t get by working for someone else. If you’re planning on opening a small business, some of these technologies may be right for you. 

We’re hearing a lot about augmented reality (AR) and there have been many business applications for it. Big businesses use augmented reality (AR) to deliver personalized experiences to customers. Small businesses can do the same. As a small business, you don’t need programming or coding experience to implement it. All you need is some AR software and a vision for using it in your business. AR provides an opportunity to educate or entertain customers and inspire them to take a specific action with your business. 

Giving your customers great service can include using chatbots. There are many ways chatbots could work at your small business. Customers could use them to track an order, ask a sizing question, or make a reservation? Chatbots allow you to provide immediate responses and make customer interactions helpful and friendly. 

Part of being a good business if keeping your data secure and these days it’s becoming a lot more important. Cyberattacks aren’t just a threat to big companies anymore. Cyberattacks loom as a massive threat to small businesses as well. In fact, cyberattacks are more dangerous for small business that may not have the resources to recover like big businesses. According to UPS Capital, more than half (60%) of small business go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack and almost two-thirds of all attacks are directed to small businesses.  

If you’re starting a new business there are many technologies and resources that can help you be successful, just make sure you are aware of some of the risks too.