Small businesses share may of the same concerns as large businesses but for small businesses there are some issues that are more of a concern. Here are some of the issues that most small business owners feel are more important to them. 

Growth is still one of the main concerns for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, growth can be a greater concern as it can mean the difference between success and failure. Growth is also a good indicator that we have completely come out of the recession. In the last year economic growth rates have surged to over 3 percent, and while still tentative, the hope is that this will continue and even increase. Because business owners may have not really seen a dramatic increase in the last six months they may believe we have actually turned the economic corner. 

Being able to hire good people has always been a big concern for businesses. The transformation to a millennial workforce is a concern to many businesses. Older owners and managers don’t know how to relate to them, and some of them lack a traditional work ethic. Small businesses must adapt and change the way they hire using good pre-hire tools to screen applicants.  

Government regulations are a part of doing business, but they can sometimes be a pain. The bureaucracy of administering tens of thousands of regulations is inconsistent, technical, and costly to business, sometimes with little improvement to what is being regulated. These regulations take time to change and some never do, so in many cases the only solutions if for a business to grow big enough so that they are better able to deal with the costs of compliance.  

Taxes have always been a concern to business. The present administration has passed new tax laws which many believe will be favorable towards business. It is believed the new tax laws will give small businesses more cash to work with. 

Having more cash on hand is a big concern for small businesses. There is always a need for cash and good cash flow is something that all businesses need to have a good handle on.