Every small business needs to approach promotion and marketing carefully, as the capital for ads and advertisement might be limited at times, maybe even non-existent. Thus, finding cost-effective ways to promote our company and getting our name out there is a priority for every manager or business owner. However, there are many different strategies we can use that are both effective and inexpensive, so we should consider applying some of them in case we haven’t. From learning how to take advantage of social media to enhance our working space, business stickers, and collaborating with other companies, these promotion strategies will help us boost our business.   

Whenever we start a small business, creating social media profiles has become an essential part of the process. These profiles should help us spread the word of a new business while reaching out to our market and even starting to interact and create a relationship with our customers. However, it is easy to share our profiles with our friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues, but when our page starts being picked up and comments start to arrive, keeping up with the interaction can be quite hard. Therefore, we must remember to take the time to actually reply to as many comments as we can, as this will have a positive impact on our audience and benefit our brand in the long run, too.  

Paying attention to our working space is something that startups and small businesses tend to overlook, and we shouldn’t be doing so. Setting up online meetings and calling clients and partners over the phone is one way to do business. Nevertheless, whenever we have someone coming to our working space, whether they are customers, clients, partners, or potential investors, the appearance of our offices can make or break a deal. Investing in wall decal, for example, can be a great way to enhance and personalize our facilities without having to spend a lot of cash on it.   

Most, if not all, business owners are used to carrying with them a bunch of business cards to share with potential clients or partners, and this is an excellent way to get the name of our company out there. Yet, not many entrepreneurs think about having stickers with their company logo on them. This is a huge promotion opportunity that some companies are just not considering. Business stickers can add a fun touch to an otherwise medium of advertising and presence building. Also, they can be a great way to personalize office spaces and supplies that we might give away at conferences, trade shows, or business meetings.   

Nowadays, collaborating with other companies and businesses has become a great way to build a presence that would be harder to get any other way. Attending trade shows provides a great opportunity to start networking and collaborating with small businesses like yours. From there, cross promotion is a strategy that can bring excellent results for you and your partners. Instead of thinking of other businesses as our competitors, we should think of them as allies and build lasting and useful relations.