It is not surprising to find startups and small businesses focusing on their online presence. After all, we’re living in the age of social media. Nevertheless, planning offline marketing strategies will help our business more than we think, as these are worth considering. This way, we will expand our presence beyond the online world, which will benefit our overall brand presence.   

To begin with, attending trade shows is a great, cost-effective way to promote our business. Sending direct mail to potential customers is essential, too, and it works better than we might think. Also, taking advantage of business cards is a strategy that tends to be ignored nowadays. Lastly, text messages are another tool that we should consider taking advantage of as well.   

Attend Trade Shows  

One of the best ways to make your business known is by networking. Sometimes, meeting other entrepreneurs from your area can help us spread the word around. Attending trade shows is one of the many offline marketing strategies we shouldn’t forget about. Our business can benefit greatly from such exposure to a large audience. Besides being notices, you can get new leads, find potential partnerships, and get the name of your business out there. Just remember to target the right audience and prepare in advance.   

Direct Mail  

The majority of startups invest a decent amount of resources planning email marketing strategies. However, choosing to send direct mail over email can turn out to be quite beneficial for new companies. Firstly, consumers open 80% to 90% of direct mail, and only 20% to 30% of the marketing email they receive. This means that we have more chances of being seen using these offline marketing strategies. Besides, direct mail isn’t as invasive as email, and doesn’t pose a security threat, either. So, consumers might feel more comfortable opening marketing mail physically rather than digital.   

Take Advantage of Business Cards  

Business cards will never go out of fashion, you can take our word on that. Even when we are living in a digital age, the impression handing out a business card can leave is yet to be matched. Therefore, any startup and small business out there should dedicate the time and resources to them. The possibilities are endless nowadays, which allows entrepreneurs to have their cards tailor-made in the way they feel best.  

SMS Marketing  

Last but not least, we should also consider text messages as one of the most effective offline marketing strategies available. Because of the overwhelming amount of digital information we are exposed to online, SMS are a great alternative. They cut through the noise of email and social media, to begin with. They are a cost-effective and efficient communication channel between companies and customers. Because of their brief nature, consumers don’t feel brands overload them with information. Using permission-based SMS marketing is a great way to inform your customers about new products or promotions. They can also be an excellent way to generate curiosity and make new customers visit your online store or social media channels.