Halloween is here again and it’s time to start the holiday season. Many people both young and old look forward to Halloween each year. It’s a fun holiday and for most people it’s the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is full of parties, events, and of course the ritual of the hunt for goodies on Halloween night. Just make sure to make this Halloween a safe one for both adults and children. 

Halloween offers a chance for adults to get out and have fun at the many parties and events that will be taking place. But it only takes one mistake to turn a fun evening into a tragedy. If you are planning on attending any Halloween parties or events that have alcohol available, make sure and plan for it. Alcohol and driving don’t mix and on Halloween there will be children in the streets making it even more dangerous. If you plan on drinking, make sure you have a designated driver or take an Uber.  

For Children, Halloween is a time of great fun. Children look forward to walking through neighborhoods in search of treats. Before you let your children go out trick-or-treating just remember a couple of things. 

Don’t let children go out by themselves. Children should be escorted by at least one adult. Make sure that costumes are safe and that they are highly visible at night. Talk to your children about safety and make sure they know to watch for cars. When escorting children for trick-or-treat, make sure you have a flashlight or other form of illumination.  

Halloween decorations can also present dangerous situations. Try not to use candles to light your pumpkins, there are plenty of battery powered options available for that purpose. If you must use candles to light your pumpkins, make sure and place them away from things like curtains that can catch fire.  

Halloween is a fun holiday that everyone should enjoy, just make sure you do so safely.