Listening to podcasts while we are doing something else is a good way to take advantage of the time. Especially, if this podcast could improve our small business. That’s because we can load useful podcast which can help us to find better strategies from business experts. Also, podcasts for small business owners are an efficient tool for finding inspiration and some refreshing ideas ready to improve our business.  

Besides, we could use these tools wherever we want, anytime, even when we need some recreation moment. We must consider them like extra support which we need to pick up new skills. For that reason, we selected 4 useful and fun podcasts for small business owners that will keep you up-to-date with the best news and tips for your business.     


This is one of the best podcasts for small business owners if we are looking for some varied tips from mentors which can help us with their experience. Andrew Warner is the host and the founder of Mixergy, a website where founders help each other through mentorship and online courses. Also, we can listen to the podcast where we can hear interviews with entrepreneurs and learn from their personal stories of success.     

The Smart Passive Income Podcast  

If we want to start our own business without a lot of physical effort, we should listen to Pat Flynn. In this place, we can get information about how to build an online passive income business. Every week, Flynn shares tips to help us create consistent passive income. He brings us interesting interviews on different topics. For example, women and entrepreneurship, building relationships with influencers, etc.    


For people who are thinking of starting their own business from scratch, the host of this podcast does that every season. Also, he tells us how, including all the bad choices. Co-hosted by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, this podcast offers a refreshing perspective about starting a business from two small business owners. Besides, a woman entrepreneur’s point of view is a great way of showing the women’s business, a topic that is rarely touched on business podcasts.  

Social Media Marketing Podcast  

If our business needs to improve its social media results, this is the podcast for us. Hosted by Michel Stelzner, Social Media Marketing Podcast informs us through experts’ interviews. It also includes interesting and successful stories about social media tools that can help us know how social media actually works efficiently. Small business owners must be aware of social media marketing because it is being used by several people day after day and it could make our business be more recognized.